- Since 2020 -

We create the most unique prints for the hospitality industry

Who are we

A gang of catering crazies with a love for design, fashion and gadgets

How it started

Like so many in our industry: tipsy, or maybe it was just stupidly drunk, with a gang of colleagues, a white shirt, a marker and a victim

Why choose SH

We never actually said that. Enough shops where you can go. But now be honest, why not?

How does it work

How it works? Don't worry about it. You work hard enough already. Simply choose what you like and order. Than we serve you! 

Surprise your colleagues, we will do everything for you there too

For the waiters

For Kitchen staff

For the boss

For bar staff

For the helpers

For your costumers

Surprise your colleagues with a nice t-shirt or hoody. We deliver this in a nice package on the day that your colleague runs service. With a wink.

Be crazy